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My newest Venture in the Educational world, is becoming a Substitute Teacher.  Now I will be able to not only Tutor, but I will be able to take-over a class, when the regular teacher is absent.  I am so excited about this newest venture in my life, as well as still Tutoring with WYZANT's clients.
  I have learned a bit of wisdom; from my own Parents, to my very wise Grandparents, etc.  Although, these great people are no longer with us anymore, the wisdom I gained while they were on this Earth, surpasses a lot of the knowledge used in today's society.
Technical gains are very prominent in our World today.  However, this can only go so far, and that's when we must look back to the wisdom of our forefathers.  I am excited about the strides we have made as a Country.   On the same note,  I feel there is a whole lot more work that has to be done; if we are to be most competitive, and the most knowledgable, in all the World.
Our/Your Children, deserve more in their educational strides, and this nation needs to step-up to the plate to make it happen.  FCAT and Common Core are all well and good, but when you come right down to the meat of it all...where has the interaction between Teacher and Student gone?  Today School District's are more into testing and over doing homework to student's; which makes them  over-tired, with an attitude sometimes , of rebellion.
My wish is to be able to Tutor as many students as I possibly can, and make their lives more productive; in this world of our's today!  If I can accomplish that in my lifetime, that would be progress in motion.
Thank you for reading my latest Blog,
Doreen D.


Doreen D.

Effective and knowledgeable Reading Comp. Tutor with Test-Prep Skills

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