Need a Geometry/Chemistry Tutor?

I graduated with a BS degree in Chemistry from East Carolina University, Greenville NC.  Since then, I worked in pharmaceuticals as a chemist/lab analyst for 1.5 years performing drug analyzes with High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Ultra-Violet Spectrometry, FT-NMR IR, and moisture testing.  Also I tutored General Chemistry I and II /Math(pre-algebra, algebra I & II, calculus, geometry at a community college. Also I was a General Chemistry II Lab Instructor at the college and have taken Human Gross Anatomy.  If anyone of you need help with Anatomy, let me know!  I am a more a visual learner and use concept mapping frequently. I thoroughly enjoy helping students achieve their learning and for them to be able to reach their potential.  I look forward in working with you.


Christopher T.

General Chemistry/ Math

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