The Bi-Lingual Technocraft

                                      The Bi-Lingual Technocraft
I'm here to the resque!I can express myself in English as well as in Spanish because I can understand,speak,read and write in both languages as well.My 7th grade English teacher had just come from a 10 year military service.Did that man know how to express himself,and help others to do so,in English!I learned much with him.We were a very advataged group in school,so,all my mates took advantage of him.He was a happy person,and I am a happy person,too.So,when anyone meets me,I make him,or her feel happy.


Should anybody contact me for tutoring any specific topic that I can help him or her to study,I'll be there for that person.


Roberto T.

The Bi-Lingual Technocraft

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