Teaching at a summer camp in Korea

What a wonderful experience I had teaching in South Korea this summer. I taught at two summer camps for 10 days each. One camp was for 8th graders and the other for 6th graders. I taught a grammar intensive course called 'comic's and a vocabulary intensive one called 'directions around town'. The energy crisis made the classrooms and dorms very hot and muggy. We had to climb steep hills many times a day from the cafeteria, dorms and to the classrooms and recreation area. Not to mention the mosquitos were really hungry all the time. I would lesson plan in the evenings and get up in the morning to teach the same class twelve times in a row! Can you saw exhausting? But the kids were troopers and seemed to learn a lot. The biggest improvement I'd say was in their confidence.


Stephanie M.

ESL and Japanese Language Tutoring!

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