Living Science in this World

I have been tutoring for about a little over a month now and I have come across students asking me how science is important in their world? At first I was not sure how to answer the question, and then I started looking around me and found the answer. 
Science is in everything. The electricity I am using right now to type on this computer, see with my light bulbs, and be cool from the Florida heat are all created because a scientist found that electricity has power, and then stated to harvest that energy for daily use. The technology created in making a phone or computer was all done out of science. The cars that we drive came because someone decided to use scientific theories and facts about gravity, friction, and movement to figure out how to power a car. The food I eat is derived from someone experimenting with how it is best to grow an apple orchard through experimentation. The different breeds of dogs, or flowers come from science. Then just to think about the natural science we take advantage of. In ecology we have to figure out how a system works. When people understood the movement of sand on the beaches, they were then able to figure out how to keep sand on the beaches we visit every weekend. When I wake up and listen to the morning weather report, that is science hypothesizing what the weather will be that day. DAILY science!
Science is an amazing thing that does effect every person whether they like it or not. 
So Dig in, learn, grow, and appreciate what science has to offer


Nicole C.

Nicole- Marine Biologist

50+ hours
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