Step 1. Find something that excites you!

It can be tasking and tedious trying to learn a foreign language.   Students often ask the question, "Why do I need to learn a second language?"  "What purpose does this serve in my life in a primarily English speaking world?"  For those that are motivated to learn a second language, the answer to these questions seem obvious.  For those that are not, this is harder to grasp.
I believe that we need to stop focusing so much on what the PURPOSE of second language is, and what productive function it will have in our lives.  Rather, if we focus on what excites us about that culture, and seek information about the language for the sake of learning, the purpose and function of second language skills will become more apparent.
We live in a world with a wealth of information at our fingertips.  Even if you don't have the privilege of going to a country where the target language is spoken, I encourage you to use the resources we have and gather information on your own!  You are bound to find SOMETHING you can relate to and enjoy - whether that is a sports team, a food dish, a holiday tradition, a fashion style, or a historical landmark.  I believe that finding something that you like about the culture FIRST, will aid you in your quest to learning the language - or if not, at least provide you with some motivation to do so.
In the rest of my blog, my goal is to get you excited about the different cultures and traditions throughout the world that I have experienced firsthand in my travels in Europe, West Asia, South America, and even the United States!  There is culture everywhere, and I hope that by reading my blog, you will find something that excites you and encourages you to learn more about that culture, and leads you down the rewarding path of foreign language learning!  
"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." - Chinese Proverb


Joanna C.

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