Tutor coming to San Diego soon

I am new to Wyzant and want to introduce myself to the community here.  I lived in Mexico for the past 18 months and am returning to San Diego at the end of September.  I have a TESOL certification and have been Teaching English a Second Language while living here.  I am also a Speech and Language Pathologist and so I have many skills to help with tutoring especially for English/Language and study skills.  I am also a Yoga Instructor and this may also be helpful when preparing and reinforcing lessons.  
I want you to feel free to contact me for tutoring but you need to know I will not be around until the end of September.  I will not respond to tutor posts until I am closer to the date of my return to San Diego but certainly if you want to work with me you can contact me and we can plan for an after September date following the procedures set up by WyzAnt.  I look forward to helping out.  Anita


Anita M.

English - Specialty with ESL and Pronunciation

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