Online flashcards

Greetings, scholars!  
Using flashcards is a tried-and-true method for rote memorization.  As a student, I had stacks of index cards with terms on one side and definitions on the other.  These cards proved the key to success in subjects like biology and psychology.  Flashcards also help in subjects like calculus and chemistry, although memorization is not a substitute for problem-solving practice.  
For instant gratification, one can purchase pre-made flashcards for certain subjects (e.g. MCAT test pret, SAT vocabulary).  The commercial cards are nice, but buying cards means missing out on the learning that takes place while making them.  
Today, technology has put a new twist on a classic learning tool.  I recommend the website and accompanying app, Study Blue (  Using the website, a student can create a set of online flashcards or browse through the existing libraries of cards created by other students.  With the app, it's easy to use the flashcards on a tablet or smart phone.  
For a more creative take on memorization, take a look at Memrise (  This site allows scholars to share catchy mnemonics that will aid in remembering vocabulary and concepts.  For example, a student learning Spanish might use a picture of a pocket to remember that "un poquito" is a little bit, or a "pocket" sized amount, if you will.  
With high-tech tools like Study Blue and Memrise, memorization can be enjoyable and rewarding.  Moreover, the use of images helps students who are "visual learners".  The accompanying smart phone apps mean that learning is now more portable than ever.  Mastering terminology has never been easier.  


Totally going to use Study Blue for my ASVAB student. Thanks for the great resource!! :)
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