How do I manage reading assignments?

So, your teacher has assigned a book or chapter readings. How do you manage reading along with all the other assignments you've been given and still get all the reading done on time? I have a simple formula to help ensure you will complete all reading comfortably and avoid cramming the night before!
  • Count the number of pages you must read and write that number down.
  • Count the number of days until the reading assignment is due and write it down.
  • Divide the number of days into the number of pages and this is how many pages you should read each day/night in order to be ready for the due date.

This is a fantastic way to pace and discipline yourself and totally avoid cramming, which is the enemy in learning. If you follow this formula, you will always complete reading assignments on time and without increasing unhealthy stress.

Happy reading!




Angelia B.

Literary and Science Tutor (K-12)

50+ hours
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