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My name is Casey and I am an eclectic individual. I did my undergraduate work at Susquehanna University which is up near Bucknell with a major in psychology and philosophy and a minor in photography. After graduating from undergrad I took a year off which I highly suggest and I back packed all over the world. I did a photo journalism essay that I want to get published and I wrote a book about my experience.I then returned to the states and became a kick boxing instructor for a self defense class to battered women while going to school for my Masters at Pennsylvania University for a degree in Social work with an emphasis in counseling. I now am a trauma therapist full time, I work at another non-profit consulting and being on the board of directors for them. That non profit international is an arts non profit that utilizes art to help victims of trauma and youth homelessness in Philadelphia and in impoverished countries all over the world. I am also a PhD student at on line school getting my degree in Human Services and Clinical Social Work.


I would be interested in speaking with you about your trauma work.  I am extremely interested in trauma studies and did my dissertation on secondary trauma among mental health practitioners.  If possible, please let me know if you would be interested in speaking with me.  Thanks!  Colleen
Dear Colleen,
 Where are you located. I would be happy to discuss different things regarding trauma work. Did you have something in mind. My rate is 50/hr unless I have to drive a significant distance then its 60. I have been doing trauma work for about 8-9 years now and work with domestic violence, asylum seekers, victims of torture financial abuse, emotional, physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. Please let me know what your interested in, when you want to get together and where we could meet that would be maybe halfway for both of us. I am in Philadelphia
Hi, would be happy to meet with you maybe half way between Philadelphia and where you live or do you want to discuss online (not as great) I have been doing trauma work for 8-9 years and do a variety of things from domestic violence, financial, emotional, psychological, physical abuse, asylum seekers, victims of torture, Vets all sorts so I would be happy to meet with you . let me know what works for your.


Casey B.

English, Writing, Public Speaking, Art, Photography, Painting

5+ hours
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