Reading is an Important Skill

Reading is an important skill you will use your whole life long.  It is one of the main if not THE main way we learn.  Reading can improve your grades and help you when you graduate and do the job you wnat to do for your life.  People who read well can get bettter jobs and achieve thier goals in life more quickly.  I think Reading can be fun, too.  Read something you enjoy, even a joke or riddle, a topic you enjoy, like dinosaurs or different kinds of cars.  
I, myself, love to read and I love to pass that love and skill onto my students.  Good readers are successful students and achieve success in life.  So pick up a book and enjoy yourself
By Miriam V.


As a Reading teacher, I made similar assertions as you did in this post to my high school students. For those who have struggled in reading up to high school, there is very little to no joy in reading. Everything about it can be enigmatic and frustrating. It's important not only to teach reading, but to identify its worth for a person's life as well as to cultivate an enjoyment from it. There is something for everyone to read!
But while I do agree with you that reading is an important skill, I've met students who really don't need reading to be successful in their future endeavors. I had a student in my reading class drop out two years ago, and when I tried to explain to him why I thought his decision was a poor one, he was able to convince me that he was making the best decision for himself. He was bilingual, already working successfully in a family business, and even though his reading was on a 6th grade level he had found the career he wanted and was happy with it. His reading difficulty didn't negatively impact his work as a mechanic (though he did consider getting a GED to get an associate's in Business someday).  I do not condone students' decisions to drop out or accept it when they say "I can read good enough," but there are so many ways to be successful in life. 
Lastly, while I agree with you that success in public school does hinge on reading, school isn't the only place we learn. have you read anything by John Dewey? In Experience and Education, he asserts that the greatest source of learning in life is experience. Reading about gravity is not as meaningful as seeing it work every day. Experiences are what we remember, what make us who we are. I don't want to come across as belligerent here, so if I am I apologize. I personally love reading for all of the reasons you've said: it IS how I acquire knowledge about the world and what I can do to relax and get more enjoyment out of life. But all of my experiences with people in teaching and in general have changed what I thought I knew about the importance of reading: not everyone connects with reading like I do, and that doesn't mean they won't be as successful as me. 
I appreciate your post and being able to comment on it. And I sincerely hope that people like us can help others discover the joy and importance of reading. Happy reading!
thanks for your comment.
Miriam Vidas


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