A brief history of YOU preparing for the Math sections of the SAT

Let's look at where we are with this test, in a brief history of personal math. First was one, "me" and utilizing the survival instincts to draw on the provider instincts of guardians. Next was outside objects. The ones that were NOT edible became a basis of attention, combining by grouping or stacking, or rejecting as undesirable due to being useless or even dangerous. Further along, those objects came to be more easily considered when represented by marks on paper, beginning the abstract thought processes we call addition and subtraction. Then, the abstracts were further manipulated by multiplication and division, now a full four steps away from actually requiring the physical presence of an object. Acceptance of the principles of Algebra made it possible to continue the development by substituting variables or even unknown values and contriving valuable relations between them to further ideas. We are now at the precipice of the next level: being able to see how the processes experienced up to this point have things in common with other processes, and recognizing the significance of how gaps in one exercise can be filled by data in another, whether directly or indirectly presented. More than just assumptions, the existence of a certain pattern, or given condition not only indicates, but requires that a spectrum of information which forms the basis for it, specifically stated and identified overtly or not, can be depended upon to support conjectures and projections, or insight and investigation. ("Given the length of one side of an equilateral triangle, we also know..." "Line 'l' is perpendicular to line 'm' therefore...") That's what it means to be a "reasoning test" and while an answer might eventually be derived by playing with blocks, experience with formulas, and skill at manipulating established theorems, forwards and backwards, will spell success in this test, and in making good leadership and life decisions.


Dennis S.

If I can understand math, YOU can understand it

600+ hours
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