Start Early

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! 
I always loved going back to school.  Since I am going back to school this fall as a graduate student I thought I would share a few tips.  If you would like more tips you will have to schedule a session. 
My two words to sum everything up is start early!
-Do not wait until the night before a big project to start it. 
-Act like a Pro athlete! I can guarantee they put hours into practicing their sport.  They did not show up on game day and hope they would win the game. 
-Do school work first before taking a break - turning on the tv or hanging out with friends right after school may seem like a great idea.  That time is precious because a student may remember something from the day to help them on the homework. 
-Practice like it is a test.  If your teacher does not let you use a calculator do not use it on the homework!  If you cannot use your cell phone in class; do not play with it while you study.  
-Go to bed! Especially for all the middle school and high school students. Your body is growing! The best thing you can do for it is sleep.  Sleeping gives your brain a break and will help to remember all those new facts.  Not sleeping will make school a lot harder. 


Katherine G.

Patient Math and Science Tutor with Engineering Experience

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