Preparing for the Return to School - What Can the Parent Do?

When study time is limited, students need to be extra prepared.  Here are some ways in which a parent can help. Provide index cards for various subjects.  If these are color-coded, the student can just grab the color of the subject that needs the most review as she, or he walks out the door each morning.
Make sure the student writes her/his own notes, but check them when they are finished.  The parent can check for misspellings or obvious deletions in phraseology.  Check to see if each card makes sense.  
Focus on the subjects that need the most review that particular day.  Have your daughter or son read the notes aloud to you if you are doing the transporting. Notes are good for any subject, use the travel time to study the ones most needed per that day's quiz or test. Put a small folded note of encouragement in the lunch bag.


Alice L.

Coach/Teacher; ESL, TOEFL Test Prep

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