Math Too Hard....NOT

I often hear students tell me they can't do math or it too hard!  This is exactly the kind of challenge I love.  I love show students how math surrounds us and bring a new way for them to see math.
My favorite place to work on math is when our family is grocery shopping.  I love it when they have buy 10 cans for a $1.00.  This is a great division problem.  How much am I spending on each can? 
I loved it when we would put cans on the conveyer belt for check out.  I would say lets count by 2's, 3's, 5's.  This ultimately helps with multiplication.
I also believe working problems out loud in the store helps your child to understand the math better.  For example, they are selling 3 cans for $3.00 and I get 48 oz. or I can purchase one can for $2.99 and get 48 oz.  I think this is the better deal, because I will save $0.01. 
I might also do something like this....I need to buy $5.00 worth of onions.  They are selling them for $0.89 each.  How many can I get?  I can round the amount to a $1.00 and I can get 5 onions. 
By leading by example, your kids learn how to process math quicker.  When you are out with you kids, look for ways to have them process math problems appropriate for their age.  The real world is full of many opportunities for them to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding and percentages. 
Have fun calculating!


Paula O.


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