A New School Year; Clear or a chance for Fog?

Going back to school can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very scary. Stepping through those doors after a long summer break can sometimes feel like tearing through a large rubber balloon. Well, pat yourself on the back. You made it through the first week.  Some of you learned all your subjects, teacher's names, and your classroom numbers.  Some are sitting at home wondering about the blur they have in their head that was the first week of school.  If you are in the first group pat yourself on the head, you are probably an organized individual. If you are in the second group maybe you need to drag out that backpack and look through it for that white piece of paper that is your schedule to look at.  Sit down and make a list of all your teachers and their room numbers.  If you are still confused as to where to go each period, then have your parents help you find the school map that is probably at the bottom of that same backpack.  Use the school map to trace your movement during the day.  Once you are comfortable with where you should be you will feel more confident when you go back to school.   Now look at your schedule again.  Look at each subject and think about what you did each day. Get a spiral or journal and write what you remember doing in each subject you went to this week.  Close your eyes, and think about the people that sat near you, can you remember anything about that girl in Math, or that boy in Science?
Once you have written down all that you can remember about each class think about how you felt before. Remember that blur feeling when you sat down this Friday afternoon.  Is that fog starting to go away?  It should be starting to clear.  Remember this trick each afternoon.  Sit down and write about all your classes today, what you studied, something you learned, the people in the classes, how you felt.  This will keep your mind clear and focused on what you have to do this year!  LEARN!!!


Carol D.

Experienced teacher with a creative, encouraging,and supportive heart!

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