Back To School Helpful Tips

Either going back to school or being your first day ever can warrant some anxiety for both students and parents alike. Here are some helpful tips that will make it easier for everyone:
  • Prepare clothes the night before to avoid rushing and potential tardiness
  • Study test or quiz material in detail the previous night and wake up early (around 30 minutes) and conduct a review so that the material is fresh in your mind
  • If the opportunity for a power review presents itself prior to the test/quiz take advantage of it - it will greatly improve your recall and score
  • Go to bed early the night before test/quiz to allow for optimal sleep and rest offsetting focus issues
  • Eat a sensible breakfast to give your brain the essential nutrition to allow for maximum attentiveness and stave of tiredness
  • Try to have a positive attitude about the test/quiz realizing if you have taken the measures above you will have done everything possible to set yourself up for success
  • If you have questions during class about material being evaluated, never hesitate to ask questions - your score will reflect (everyone learns and understands in different ways)
  • It is better to ask a question regardless of how you may perceive how other classmates may take it - your test/quiz score is yours not theirs and impacts you alone
  • You are only in competition with yourself - other classmates results are irrelevant
  • Involve your parents in your curriculum - it is a bonding experience and you might be surprised at their understanding of your subject material
  • If you take your own lunch to school either get up early to help parents prepare it or prepare as much the night before to avoid any distractions getting ready for school
  • Rushing in the morning heightens your anxiety and adrenal response and will put you on edge greatly impacting your ability to perform at your maximum potential
  • It is better to be made fun of regarding a question in class than have your scores impacted by their immaturity
  • You will be picked on in class by someone so expect it, ignore it, and know that your test scores are a quantifiable depiction of your individual performance
  • Remember that you are special, you matter, are important, and without regard for being picked on (often times being picked on is a subconscious sign of acceptance and likability) you never stop learning and seize every opportunity for knowledge
I hope that these pointers are well received and give inspiration and motivation to each student this year.


Christopher G.

Highly effective graduate MBA student specializing in business math.

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