Studying Habits For Finance Courses and ANY course in general!

The best advice I received from my college professors:
Before taking any exam always complete EVERY single question at the end of the chapter, even if they were not assigned for homework.
This piece of advice was given to a student 30 years ago who ended up becoming a professor at the same university he attended. During his lectures he made it a point to give the same advice to his students and explain its origin.
I had the pleasure of taking classes with both professors and hearing the same advice several times throughout each semester. Now it's my turn to pass along the same advice. If you want to fully understand the conceptual and computational aspects of a finance course, do every single problem at the end of the chapter. The end result - mastery of the subject and usually a 100 on the exam :)
This really does apply to any and all courses as well, since it is a very good study habit.
The history of how it was passed along to me is because of the dedication of excellence from the Finance department of SUNY New Paltz: School of Business, specifically Dr. Tulin Sener & Dr. Donald Furman.


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