Learning a new language: 8 tips that really work

What type of learner are you?
Learning a new language will require you to memorize vocabulary and grammar.
The first thing I recommend is to determine whether you’re a visual, auditive or kinesthetic learner.
How do you know? Let me share with you a rather simple trick.
Pick two new words you want to learn. Read them several times. Can you remember them the day after? If yes, there is a great chance that you’re a visual learner.
If no, ask someone to teach you 2 new words only by listening to them several times. But don’t look at them on paper. If you can remember those words the day after, you’re most probably an auditive learner.
If no, read AND write two new words. Repeat them out loud. Listen to them. Picture them in your mind. Associate feelings or memories with them if you can. If you’ve failed with all the previous methods before, you should be able to remember them the day after because you’re probably a kinesthetic learner in this case.
This empirical method is pretty rough but it worked well for me.
I know that I’m definitely a visual learner because I can’t remember a word if I haven’t seen it written. Even if only mentally.
Does it mean that it’s all about learner type? No but it’s a good start.


Barbara B.

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