Audiobooks - Learn while sitting in traffic!

Don't we all wish we lived 10 minutes away from our job, school, etc.? Unfortunately, many of us spend a great deal of time sitting on the freeway feeling hopeless and unproductive. Talking and/or texting on your smartphone used to help expedite our commutes but now these activities are mostly illegal. So why not become productive while on the road and learn new skills - by listening to audiobooks! There are a plethora of subjects currently available that can be downloaded onto CD-ROMs, iPods, MP3 players, etc. I almost learned a new speaking language just by listening to an audiobook over and over again on my daily hour-long commutes. It is a known fact that learning by repetition works and works well. Absorbing material and understanding simply by osmosis can be highly effective. I encourage anyone who spends time wasting away while sitting in traffic to seek out a topic of interest in audio format and try listening to it while on the road. Even digital documents (i.e., PDF) can be converted to audio format. I bet your long commutes in traffic will go faster while also augmenting your skill-sets. Just food for thought.


Excellent points, Michael! This is the best way to avoid road rage, for sure.


Michael S.

Information Technology Trainer of Computer/Software/Networking

20+ hours
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