Wrapping Up a Successful Summer!!!

For many of my students summer wasn't just was productive.

I began this summer by getting great news from some of my
middle school and high school parents…..that their son or daughter passed the
STAAR or TAKS exam.

For many of these students, they had failed this exam and
needed to pass in order to move to the next grade.  For one in particular, this was her last
opportunity to pass the exam; otherwise, she could not graduate.

This was soon followed by one of my baby-boomer students
acing her College Algebra course with an A+. 

Soon after that, I received news that one of my high school students
received an “A” in her accelerated Algebra I and Algebra II class.  I was able to teach a year's worth of Algebra in FOUR MONTHS.  It was very intense to say the least.......but she
excelled due to my strategy of streamlining concepts to make more sense of the

Among some of the other stories this summer were many
students getting ahead and prepared for this upcoming school year or beyond.

Some of those subjects varied from middle school reading and math, to the ASVAB, and test prep (ACT & SAT).

Overall, there were many reasons to consider this a successful summer.  

I welcome all of the new challenges that are around the corner this year!!!
If you are looking for a fun, relaxing, and organized learning environment allow me to join you or your child on this journey of learning.

Thank you!!!



Simone J.

MBA+Full Time Tutor+Decade of Exp..K-Adult..Test Prep, Math, and more

4500+ hours
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