September is right around the corner and most high school students are still daydreaming of sandy beaches, barbecues, and endless days outside of school. The best thing about summer is that it relaxes your mind and the unfortunate fact about summer sedation is that sometimes student goals remain hazy. Scholarships are offered throughout the school hiatus and students that take advantage of applying for scholarships have a better chance at receiving awards. High school seniors, as well as, juniors need to take a proactive approach to increasing the possibilities of gaining much needed financial assistance for their college educations. Many students are learning what it takes to produce a winning scholarship application or essay and many more have found that in four years their lives were supposed to be focused. Focused on what? Community service, social networking campaigns, inventions and new ideas, finding a cure for Parkinsons, job development to name a few.
I am making scholarship searching simple and stress free. I have scanned the internet scholarship databases for awards/stipends/incentives that will help your high school student transition into higher learning with a cushion of free financing alternatives that will help with books, tuition, housing, learning, and employment. Look below to take advantage of our top picks!
1. Scholarship for Athletes-
8. US Air Force-
9. Scholarship America-


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