How to gain fluency in a foreign language.

There are a few easy steps for gaining fluency: 

1. Use a new word each day as much as possible.

2. Do your best to think in the target language.

3. Speak in that language with friends or strangers as much as possible.

4. Speak to yourself in that language with scenarios you feel you would be in.

5. Review the words that you learned in conversation or study each day before bed.

6. Study reading and writing as needed.

7. Keep a personal journal or diary in that language.

8. Speak with native speakers if possible.

9. Join communities that speak in the target language.

10. The best way to learn anything is to teach it to someone else. try teaching a family member or friend the language.

11. Watch television as much as possible in the target language.

12. As for music, listen to music in the target language only. (if possible)

13. Write down words that you do not understand that you have heard.

14. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

15. Be confident, you may know that your language efficiency is not where you want it to be, but that's why you have to take baby steps. Don't forget to have fun!


LeShawn S.

If you need help with English or Japanese I'll be your teacher!

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