College Application Essays: Choosing a Topic is Like Walking Down Easy Street

You may be thinking, “Rosie, your essay advice is great, but my applications are due in just a few months and I’m applying to nine different schools and they all have different essay prompts and I have soccer and homework and my job and babysitting to do. How am I ever going to finish nine different essays? AHHHH! I’m not going to college!”

Okay, that last part got a tad Lifetime movie-ish, but you know what I mean. I can certainly understand your frustration with trying to tackle such a big job. But the answer is simple: Take the easy (and smart) route: write one essay and modify it to suit the essay prompts from each school.

How do you do this? Chances are that you will be able to find a common thread in the essay options between schools. It’ll just take some creative thinking to find the connection. Don’t get me wrong–you will have to modify your essay for each school. The same core life event (and the meat of your essay) can be reused as long as you emphasize aspects of the story that answer each question. In fact, sometimes changing just a sentence or two will change the whole tone of your essay. And you won’t be starting from scratch, which is the absolute best part!


Rosie C.

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