Keeping Skills Sharp

For many students, summer is a time of fun and play. It’s the time to “ditch” the school books and enjoy the warm weather and the activities that go along with it. But the reality is that school will open its doors again and when it does, students have to be ready both physically and mentally. Back to the routine of going to bed early and waking up early, students have to begin clearing their minds of the vacation mode and hitting the books – hard!
To prepare for the return to school with a limited amount of time each day, because we are still vacationing after all, students should do the following: First, visit the library, choose a book and begin reading daily. The recommended time for reading each day is 20-30 minutes. This will give students the opportunity to practice their fluency, meet new and interesting vocabulary words and begin to reacquaint themselves with characters and their problems as well as learn interesting facts about science or history. Students should always write about what they have read. Next, students should brush up on their multiplication tables. Focus on one table at a time but learn each one thoroughly before moving to the next. There are many strategies for learning the tables that can be found any multiplication website. For example, A parent or older sibling can quiz the student to ensure mastery of each table. Many schools distribute summer packets or reading lists with assignments. If these have not been started, now is a good time to start. There are a wide variety of sites that offer free worksheets in most subject areas. Students can search for these and work on topics/concepts they may have struggled with the previous year. Some are listed below: math reading reading
Incorporating some of these activities into the day can go a long way in not only preparing students for back to school but can also help instill in them the responsibility of keeping their skills sharp to ensure a successful school year.



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Elementary Education Basic Skills-Skills for Success

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