Using Your few minites study time to the best

When you have only a little study time, it should be divided between preparation and review.  Start by making sure you will have no interruptions.  Interruptions make little time into no time at all. Focus on getting familiar with the vocabulary and ideas in your assignment and forget reading the whole assignment.  IN PREPARATION look at the vocabulary outlined in the text and try to put the definitions into your own words. That way you can recall them better.  IN REVIEW see how well your memory of the idea in your words is similar to the definition used by the teacher or the text or glossary.  Make sure you know the meaning of EVERY word to try to put in a definition.  If you don't understand a word you will miss the whole idea and waste your time.  Preparation and Recall are both important.  MAKE SURE YOU DO BOTH. 


Nick F.

Cambridge Educated PhD Author tutors through Learning How to Learn

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