Creating a good workspace for drawing and design

I know a lot of artists multitask, however having more than music while "arting" can be a real hindrance in production and quality of your work

Posture, what is around you (for example if it is cluttered) and position of your table can really help the quality of your work. 

I would suggest that you have your table clear of any distractions, if you are working digitally avoid instant messaging-internet etc, unless you are live streaming. A big thing for artists is carpel tunnel in the wrists, you want to avoid that if you are drawing and sitting for a long time in the same position, have your table, or what you are drawing at a slant and also do wrist exercises regularly. Your feet should be flat on the ground in your chair and also it must support your back, make sure your table is also at a comfortable angle and height.


Enjoy "arting" don't make it uncomfortable



Kathryn S.

Digital Art and Drawing Techniques

5+ hours
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