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How should you prepare for school in only a few minutes?


As far as the first day back goes, you need to be prepared to listen.  A teacher is going to spend a good deal of time on the first day outlining the class' policies, procedures, projects due, and various other benchmarks on the course syllabus.  Pay attention. The last thing you want is to find out there was a chance for extra credit and you missed the announcement because you were too busy worrying about the day's next class.  You also want to listen so you get an idea of the instructor's teaching style. It's no surprise that there are all different kinds of people; well, there are all different kinds of teaching styles as well.  Some teachers like to lecture, some like small group discussions, some combine all different styles.  The point is this: you can't react the same way to every teacher since every teacher is different.  The first day will give you a good indication of what that teacher is like and, therefore, what the best way to learn from him/her is.  


As far as rushing around with only a few minutes to get to school any other day of the year?  Breathe!  Stop everything, shut your eyes, and breathe.  It is way too easy to get overloaded, especially if you're short on time.  Taking 1 minute to calm yourself down will help you tremendously.  We have a habit of trying to do too many things at once- pour coffee AND cram for a test AND look for car keys AND think ahead to that night's school project (which is probably due tomorrow and isn't it just like you to wait until the last minute?).  This sends u on stimuli overload.  With 60 seconds of slow, deliberate focus on just ONE activity, it makes focusing on other activities one at a time not so difficult to imagine.  And, believe it or not, though focusing on one thing at a time may seem slow, it's much more efficient in the long run.


James C.

Writing Teacher/Professional Author/Playwright/Editor and Tutor

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