Susette's Study Skills

How to Get Organized

1 Get all of your school supplies and put your name on them.

2 Copy your homework form the board as soon as you get into class so, you won't forget to do it, or rush to finish copying it at the end of class.

3 Make sure you participate in class by asking questions, no question is dumb. It is better to ask for clarification if you don't understand something.

4 Take good notes by writing using abbreviations for long words.

5 Stay organized by putting everything in its place.

6 Use a calendar to keep track of important dates.

7 Create a study routine by first getting a snack, then sitting down in a quiet place to do your homework.

8 If you have a project or paper due, make sure to start working on it a little each day so, that you are not rushing to finish it at the last minute.

9 Make sure that you get the phone number of a friend in each one of your classes so that, if you forget to copy your homework or you are out sick, you can keep up with your work and not fall behind.

10 Use your school library for quiet study time at lunch. 


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