Ice Cream for Breakfast - Start a new "Back-to-School" Tradition!


Why not, on the first day of school - and the last day of school, serve ice cream for breakfast?

The first day of school should be celebrated!

And, yes, I think that you should also serve something else - first!

Here are some ideas for protein and Vitamin C.

Upon awakening:

Orange juice - or Pineapple!

While getting dressed:

Have a "square" of bacon strips. Just build it - a 4 x 4  and they will come to the table!


finger sandwiches. Slice an ordinary sandwich into "fingers" (lengthwise)

or into 4 wedges.


Hard- cooked eggs- sliced in half -with maybe a little dab of mayo and a sprinkle of sea salt


Peanut butter on a bagel

Then, just before they go out the door - Why not say a quick prayer - and/ or offer encouragement for the school year? And, then, the surprise - Ice Cream - that you have scooped into disposable little paper bowls with little plastic spoons at the ready!

Serving this in little bowls - such as those put out by Dixie paper plates - turns this into a "to-go" treat if you are facing a long and traffic-heavy drive. It allows you to determine the size of the portion - which should be IMHO small to moderate, maybe 6 ounces or so..  not too small, or you defeat the purpose. Too large, (more than 8 ounces,) and you run the risk of tummy problems. Keep the emphasis on school!

Here's some things that you can say!

Younger children:

Let each child say what they hope for the new school year. i.e. I hope I get Mr/Mrs. ________ for a teacher!

Older Children:

Let each child state their goals!

This, followed up with ice cream , can be a great family tradition!

Have fun and enjoy school!


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