Chemistry and Biochemistry made super easy!

Hi! Welcome to my blog :) I am new to WyzAnt and can't wait to help demystify General Chemistry and Biochemistry for you!

Being a student myself and having helped out my sixteen year old sister with her Chemistry classes in high school, I understand the challenges you face while learning Chemistry. 

In my experience, I found that generally learning challenges can be categorized into three broad categories- reading and understanding complex material, retaining and recalling that information precisely, and lastly, of accurately expressing themselves in their responses on tests. As a fourth year Neuroscience and pre-med major at UC Riverside, my own strategies to master the rigors of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Cell Biology rewarded me with straight A’s, and landed me on the Dean’s Honor’s List. I want to share my creative learning tricks and tips with you and help you enjoy your subject while improving your scores! 


Ketki S.

Biology and Chemistry Tutoring from NYU Dental Student

20+ hours
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