Math solving techniques.

I have noticed that the major problem students have while solving math problems is that they start working a problem out without pausing to wonder what the question is really asking. Read problem more than two times. Make sure you understand every key words. If not, go to the index of your math book and quickly look what those mathematical term means. After you find meanings of these special words, read the question again. Now, it is very possible that you have understood the problem. Don't start writing yet. Think how you might want to proceed. Now if you have an approach, start writing equations and try solving them. You can't solve an entire equation to find the answer in your head. So you must write each and every step clearly. You should double check each and every step. 

Try this method to solve math problems from today. Good Luck.


Swapnil B.

Georgia Tech grad for Math and Physics Tutoring

50+ hours
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