Is your child or student yawning a lot?

Did you ever wonder why your student sometimes yawns all throughout your session or when doing homework?  He is not being disrespectful and I trust you are not being terribly boring!  The reason why he is  yawning (especially those with Dyslexia) is because his  brain is working so hard to process this new information you are giving him.  And, it is hard work!  The human brain requires more oxygen when being mentally taxed and yawning is the body's reaction to get more oxygen.  So, next time your student yawns through hisr session or homework time just know he is trying really hard.


That is very interesting information especially since I have a student I am currently working with that has dyslexia. Thanks for sharing. :) Do you have any good websites, or strategies for working with dyslexic students?



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