Many parents have asked me if it is really necessary to begin tutoring at the beginning of the school year, and my reply is "yes" because this will ensure that if your child has a solid foundation at the beginning of the year, they are more likely to be successful throughout the year because that foundation has already been established. The student is able to feel more comfortable with the tutor and as the school year progresses they are going to be more willing to ask more questions to get the fully ideas of the topics that they do not fully understand from that tutor who has been by their side as the school year goes on. Tutors are vital keys to a successful school year and to the end of the year test taking students.


Stephanie, I agree with you that it is necessary to begin tutoring at the beginning of the school year.  Each school year I would always encourage my students to find a "study-buddy" in the classroom so that they could work together not only at school, but after school as well.  Sometimes students learn best from other students, as well.  I think that when parents get a jump start with their students as far as providing tutors for them, they are assisting in the success of their child's academics.  Providing one-on-one is always a good strategy to ensure student's success.

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