So I guess this makes me new around here

I have been doing this stuff for as long as I can remember. Learning Spanish, speaking Spanish, teaching Spanish. Each stage has been interesting, a growing experience, full of its own frustrations, but not without the opportunity to have met so many wonderful people. Some great people have come along side me to teach me Spanish and that has allowed me to make friends who couldn't speak English, giving me one of my greatest lessons, real life experience! Now its my turn to pass this same gift on to others. I don't want to be like all the other teachers, albeit most of mine were great, but I don't want to get lost in a textbook or stacks of worksheets. I want to always remember and to remind my students that Spanish is a real life experience and not just some insurmountable task that they've been struggling with. Something I am always asked by students is, "How soon til I become fluent?" I wish that I could tell each of them, "Just finish all your homework and come to class and you will be fluent by the end of this book," but then I would be telling them a lie. The truth is, no teacher can make you fluent. My job as a Spanish teacher is to make you a great Spanish student. You will know all you need to know to go out into the world and become fluent, but that is a journey you will have to make on your own through practice. Granted, coming to class regularly and doing your homework is about as important as gathering all the right ingredients for the most delectable recipe and having them nearby as soon as you're ready to mix, but it is you who will remember the instructions, remember which one goes first and just how much and that you will get from me. Of all the stages I have come through in this journey, my favorite has been teaching Spanish. Sure I have met lots of great people who have taught me Spanish and have been willing to put up with my stuttering and broken sentences, but the people I have enjoyed the most thus far are the ones who get that passion for learning, the ones who put forth the hard work, the ones who show up just like I used it. Its all worth it when that light bulb comes on and I know they got it. I hope I continue to have moments like that, but most of all I hope I never stop learning.


Samantha M.

Real Life Real Spanish

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