Summer Slump Survivor Guide

Hi students and parents out there!!  Summer is about to end, but there are still activities you can do to help keep your brain sharp!

1. Read - Reading is always an important way to stay focused.  Not only does it build vocabulary, and strengthen comprehension, reading can also reinforce past lessons and build great background knowledge.  So remember, read often, read anything, read everything!

2. Math Games - Play games that reinforce basic adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing skills.  It doesn't have to be hard.  Uno, Yahtzee, Black Jack and many other fun games help to enhance these basic math skills.


3. Utalize TV Time - Some people will tell you not to watch TV.  I say watch TV with a purpose.  Great stations such as Animal Planet and PBS are geared towards learning.  Even if your child watches something that seems unproductive make it work for your child.  Have them write about there favorite part, or create an episode of their own. 


4. Practice Imagination - Imagination helps students all the way through school and beyond.  In order to fix a problem you first have to imagine a solution.  Any play time utilizing imagination will help a child.  Have fun using costumes, or building tents.  Act out books and TV shows.  Create new games ... AND PLAY THEM!  Have fun with your child.


5. Switch it Up - I love this last technique.  In your brain you have connections that form constantly when you are small.  Unfortunately some connections never develop or stop working due to inactivity.  Studies have found that you can make new connections and save lost ones by changing day to day activities.  Switch it up a bit.  Brush your teeth with the "other" hand.  Change your daily routine around (ie instead of getting dressed and then eating breakfast, eat breakfast first.)  The smallest change can create many new connections in the brain that then lead to higher learning.

There it is folks!  Five easy tips to help keep your brain active and avoid the summer slump.  Hope they help you this year, and make sure to have fun!!


Danyel S.

Danyel - Certified Math and Science teacher up to grade 8th

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