Foreign Language Writing

Is the heat wave bothering you?  Stay cool and practice your foreign language skills by keeping a diary.  Sound intimidating?  All you have to do is write 2-3 sentences a day.  Your teacher or tutor would probably be more than happy to make (grade-free) corrections.  Look over your teacher's/tutor's notes before writing about your next day.  As you notice how repetitive your diary may become, you may want to add more detail in order to tell one breakfast, dinner or nap from another.  In no time your writing skills will improve dramatically. Your vocabulary will expand, your grammar will become more automatic, your syntax (word order) will sound more like your target language - not to mention the fact that your sentences become more complex and your writing more confident and interesting.  And you can do it all in front of your computer!



Beate P.

Multi-lingual native German-speaker

500+ hours
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