Five Tips to Get Over the Summer Slump

All students struggle with a different type of "Brain Freeze" during the Summer months. This tendncy to be sluggish duuring the Summer months is often refered to as "The Summer Slump." There are ways to headoff this dreadesd cause of doom. What follows is a five point "Summer Slump" Survival Guide." 1. Acknowledge that you have fallen into a "Summer Slump" and you need to get out of it.
2. Determine that your local library is your new "hangout." Now that you have free time, you can explore those areas of interest that structured school kept you from exploring. (If you need an added push, it's free!)
3. Start a book club with a few friends! No, I'm not kidding! With the past crazes over such book fads as "The Hunger Games," finding a group of friends who share your interests in books really wont be that difficult.
4. If you're going to play computer games, try some educational ones. Did you know that there are chatrooms and gamong groups devoted to educational games such as Scrabble and Chess.
5. Have open discussions about current topics. Stay aware of current events and discuss them with your friends.
If I could sum this survival guide up into three words, it would be, "stay plugged in." You will be amazed what you will learn.



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