I have been tutoring ESL students for two years.  Last year, I became familiar with the TOEFL exam. Some of my students were asking for my help to prepare for this exam. The TOEFL exam is primarily used for international students who want to attend a university in the U.S., but other ESL students with higher levels of English comprehension can benefit as well. The English level on the test is advanced, so a beginning to intermediate level ESL student would have difficulty understanding many of the concepts. The TOEFL assesses students on their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Most of my students did well on the reading and writing portions. However, the listening and speaking portions were the biggest challenges for all of my students. Those portions are the most difficult because the conversations and lectures are done by native speakers with a normal pace of speech. Because they are translating from their first language to English, many ESL students struggle in their daily lives to understand native American English speakers.

My advice to any ESL student is to practice English every day, especially through conversation and reading. The TOEFL can be mastered through continuous practice and developing test-taking skills. A qualified teacher or tutor can help ESL students improve their scores on the TOEFL. To facilitate my ESL students, I became certified through WyzAnt to tutor TOEFL preparation.



Tracey S.

Experienced ESL/Literacy/Speech Tutor

100+ hours
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