Week 3 and I had a Breakthrough with the same Earth Science Student for Algebra I

I was excited on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013. This was my third meeting with this student and I finally had a breakthrough with him. On the first meeting it was clear that he saw Algebra I almost as a foreign language. I began with one of the test packet, and had him do 10 questions and reviewed the questions he had done wrong. So this continued for a while, and of course sometimes he would say that he understood, but it was clear that he did not. Anyway, after reviewing the entire packet I began a teach and learn session, in which I picked a variety of topics and had him practice various equations. After which I gave him a quiz.
He failed the quiz miserably, so of course he still did not understand. Anyway, I gave him another packet for homework. When I saw the student again, I reviewed with him, but still not much improvement, but at least he tried. I did the teach and learn session again, of which some of the questions were from the previous session, and I gave him the same quiz again. Again he failed the quiz (sigh). So I spent a little extra time practicing and reviewing with him.
On this last visit, he did it! I noticed a slight improvement in the homework. He still struggled with various questions, and so I would stop and give him a variety of similar questions and had him do them repeatedly. I gave him the same quiz again, and this time he scored 75%. Because of this I was able to advance the practice session, and give him another quiz. He scored 70% on a whole new topic! I left feeling so good, and you could see that he felt good about himself as well. Tomorrow is Earth Science. Hopefully this too will go well :).


Gilant P.

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