The Summer Session has just begun and I had a Break-through with a few Students!

The Summer session has just begun. The stress has already begun to set in, but this week I had a break through with a few of the students. So this is my second week with a student who I am tutoring for both Algebra I and Earth Science. So far he seems stronger in Earth Science but still needs much practice, before I can be very confident about his ability to pass the Regents exam in August. After the first session of Algebra, I walked away thinking about how am I going to get him ready by August 13th. I recommended an additional session to the parents, but so far they have said no. I did several practice examples, and made the second session mainly a teaching and learning session. Then I ended the session with a quiz, but he failed :(.

So when I had to meet him again for Earth Science, my mind was swirling as to how I can help him, and will I at least be successful with this subject. When I checked the homework, there was a slight improvement but not enough to celebrate. So I came up with a new strategy and tried it out. We reviewed, and I explained each topic as much as I could, along with having him look up a few for himself. I ended the session with a review quiz and he scored a 96%. I was so happy, and even he felt good. He promised that he will continue to be diligent, and also apply more of himself to Algebra.

Of course I gave him more homework and practice assignments to do. I will let you know how it goes with Algebra. At least now I can breathe a little sigh of relief :).



Gilant P.

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