Why work with a tutor?

There are many different paths that lead people to work with a tutor. Sometimes, positive factors bring the need for tutoring: We just booked a trip to Paris and need to learn some French before we go! Other times, the decision to search for a private tutor results from seeing a person struggle with a subject and requiring some extra help. There is no shame in either circumstance. A good tutor can help you reach your academic and personal goals. Although we would love for all teachers to be able to give one-on-one instruction to each of their students, the reality of our educational system makes this, in most cases, very unlikely. Teachers bear the burden of increased class sizes, extra non-teaching responsibilities, and, in some cases, combined classes (levels 3 & 4 of a world language in a class together). Unfortunately, this means that students end up sacrificing as well. This is where a tutor can step in and give the student the personal attention and individualized instruction he/she needs. Working with a tutor does not mean that a student is not smart, it just means that he/she needs someone to explain things differently or do some extra practice. Once you begin working with a good tutor, you should see the student's ability level and confidence soar!

Stay tuned for the next post in which we learn what makes a good tutor.

Happy learning!


Megan D.

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