A Love Affair

A love for reading begins at a very early age. Our foundational literacy skills build upon one another, beginning with an early fascination with story-telling and book reading. Reading opens up a world of imagination that can help develop vocabulary and literacy.

Unfortunately, after those early development years, many parents underestimate the power of reading aloud to their children. In the classroom, I practice reading aloud to my high school students; they thrive in an environment where a boring novel is dramatized, by none other, than moi. I play all the parts. I look ridiculous. They laugh. They remember.

And such is the story of your growing youngster. Although it does take an extra investment of time, the benefits are well worth the energy! I encourage you to put forth the effort and instill a love of learning for yourself and your child. This will not only keep you up to date on their assigned readings, but it will open up avenues for conversation about the readings, both of which increase literacy and comprehension.

Go read! You may discover a long-forgotten passion and awaken your own love affair with reading.



Julie C.

Here to make language arts learning successful for all students!

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