End of Year Parent Tips

Dear Parent,

Welcome to the end of the school year! I just want to give you a few things to ponder.

If your child required a tutor for the last school year, then your child needs to be in an enrichment program or summer school for the upcoming summer, sponsored by their current school system. If this isn't an option for you, you probably need to continue to have your child tutored at least one hour per week during the summer. Most children will regress during the summer, if they are not forced to pick up a book and/or paper and pencil. Then, the prospective teacher has to bring them back up to grade level before he or she can begin teaching the new standards for the next school year.

If your child passed successfully the last school year, Congratulations! But, if their grades were below a B, then you need to have your child tutored, once again at least one hour one day a week during the summer. I know most of you think a C is okay, but here is an old teacher tale that travels school buildings. A "C" doesn't really say much about an individual. If says that they are the Best of the Worst students, and the Worst of the Best students. Anyone can be average or ordinary, the world isn't looking for average people, it's looking for those that can be a little extraordinary. Please push your child to be extraordinary by helping them strive for As and Bs.

Have a great end of school year and do well on those Standard of Learning tests. Godspeed.

Crystal G.


Crystal G.

SEASONED Compassionate TEACHER/ADVOCATE with M.S. in Education

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