Summer Slump Survival Guide

“Summer Slump Survival Guide”

1. READ, READ, READ and READ some more – at least 30 minutes per day in any format you like: aloud, silently, family group, friends, and choral reading. Read to your dog, fish, cat, neighbor, teddy bear, mirror, etc. so you hear your voice, inflection, pauses. Make sure you can tell the story back in your own words.

2. Check online math games and activities for your grade level. THIRTY minutes max so that you don’t become computer fixated and remember that it’s practice. Stores sell workbooks if there is review needed in a special area of math – multiplication tables for one. Get a math buddy to work along with you.

3. Play cards and board games. Excellent memory activities and socializing too. Many funny ones are out there along with “Life” and “Monopoly” two favorite and remember Chess and Checkers as strategy games.

4. Exercise daily as there are many different types of things to do to keep you active-more active you are, the less bored you are! Walking the beach, theme parks, around the block, the dog are great ways to get exercise. Hiking, Bike riding, swimming, jogging, roller blade, dancing, whatever you like to do that keeps you busy, burning calories, and no boredom sets in

5. Summer camp might have to be a choice if parents work full time and no family member can assist with your care. Select a camp that offers something that you like as an activity or hobby; dancing, fencing, swimming, sports, science and nature, etc. There are tons out there and of course, it has to be in the family’s budget.

Summer time goes by very quickly so it’s important to relax, and have fun. There’s no set time limits on any activity and you can always chill and continue the activity tomorrow!



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