Taking AP American, AP Euro or AP Gov next year? How to get ahead!!!

So you finished your first AP class, and you think you did pretty well. You're taking three of them next year in preparation for college admissions, so you're definitely going to relax over the summer, right?

No! While the school year is still fresh in your brain you should consider the following:

1. How could I have been better organized?

2. Where did I struggle?

3. What are my goals for next year, and what do I have to change to achieve them?

One of the very first things you can do is get an early start! And it doesn't have to feel like work, make it fun! But by taking a few simple steps over the summer you will be ten steps ahead in September!

Are you taking AP Government & Politics? Watch a Sunday news show every week, and write down words, terms, things you don't understand and go look them up online. Watch The West Wing. Read Newsweek cover to cover.

Are you taking AP American History? Pick a topic you really enjoyed in middle school social studies. Go rent a documentary or read a book specifically about that topic. Pay attention not just to the content, but how they write or talk about history. Watch Ed Burns' The Civil War, or The Dust Bowl on PBS. What are primary sources? Go read some, read the letters between John & Abigal Adams if you like romance, read Paine's Common Sense if you like essays, go to the Getty and check out the American Art.

Are you taking AP European History? The best thing you can do to prepare for AP European History is read one book, it's called A History of Knowledge.

And most importantly, start working with someone who can help you from the beginning! A tutor can provide you with resources, material, organizational skills and a plan of attack that will have you ahead of the game starting in September.

Good luck!


Alexa B.

Experienced Tutor specializing in AP American History & AP Euro

20+ hours
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