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How to get a 5

Students are always asking me how they can get a 5 on their AP exams. I always remind them, Advanced Placement is supposed to be a college level course, if you want to excel on the exam, you must work year round AT the college level. What does that mean? That means get started early, as early as the summer, learn how to take notes, learn how to dissect primary documents, learn how to review and reassess, learn how to write strong historical thesis statements, these are skills you will use year-round in college, and these are the skills that will help you achieve on the AP exam far more effectively than cramming a few weeks before. By approaching the class as a college class, and setting a goal to not just achieve but to excel throughout the year you are also preparing yourself for college, which is the whole purpose behind AP to begin with. I have been establishing study programs for students to excel in their AP classes for eight years in a range of subjects, let's get started!



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