Hit the ground running

Summer time! The season of fireworks, swimming, hamburgers on the grill! 

One of my favorite scenes in the Pixar movie The Incredibles is when our favorite family of supers is about to land on the highway in a rocket-borne RV while still moving forward at sonic speed.  To ease the transition from air to ground, Bob Parr floors the gas pedal so the wheels will be already spinning when they hit the pavement. 

Have your math skills got a little rusty in the pool water?  Have they cooled on the back burner? Or are you ready and raring to go?  Like it or not, the school year is approaching like the ground in that scene.  Please don't be one of the students who struggle to get back up to speed...hit the accelerator now! 

Tutoring from a kind and knowledgeable tutor can bring things back to the forefront of your mind, and prepare the way ahead for future learning.  There are some awesome tutors on this website (present company included, if I may be so bold), who are ready and willing to give you that edge in the coming school year. 

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Math is my life and I love to share it!

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