Summer Tutoring


Now that students, teachers, parents and tutors have had a chance to catch their breath from final exams, it's time to make use of the weeks we have before school starts back. Consider all that could be accomplished in the next few weeks:

  • Areas of math that students NEVER REALLY GRASPED could be fully explained. This could be elementary skills like adding fractions, middle school topics like systems of equations, or high school areas like sequences and series.
  • Students could have a TREMENDOUS HEAD STARTon topics that will be covered in the first few weeks of school. Imagine your son or daughter being able to raise their hand to answer a question in the first week of school because they had worked several problems just like the ones that the teacher is demonstrating.
  • ENORMOUS PROGRESS could be made in the area of preparation for the standardized tests (PSAT, SAT, ACT and more) that are so important to getting into a great college.
  • STUDY SKILLS could be mastered so that your child excels in ways you've always hoped for and in all subjects, not just math.
  • Topics in HOME SCHOOL MATH could be reviewed so that your daughter or son is ready to start their new curriculum in the fall.
  • GROUP LESSONS can be coordinated so that students learn together in small groups of 3 to 5 students and have a competitive component added. I have seen this work wonders in helping boys and girls overcome shyness about raising their hand, taking a chance that their answer may be right or wrong and communicating with each other. There is a vast positive difference in how fast the material is mastered.

My hourly rate has been reduced for June and July so that students can get much-needed help during these precious weeks before their heavy class loads start back.

I hope to hear from you and I look forward to helping your child make great progress in the area of math!

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