The best tutoring sessions - students taking charge of their own learning

"Good tutors cut back on talking and let students identify their own errors. In the best sessions, the student is talking just as much as the tutor - or even more."

- Readers Digest 5/13

The mark of a good tutoring session is the level of engagement from the part of the student. This happens when a student feels personally engaged in the subject matter, and inspiring that level of engagement may be harder than you think. Many people find it difficult to hold their tongues - especially when we as educators believe (and rightly so) that we have a larger knowledge base than our students. That is after all why we are educators.

But I would like to call attention to this important aspect of good tutoring (statistics prove it) - that students who are personally invested in their subject show higher rates of success, lower test anxiety, and overall improvement in self-efficacy (beliefs of capability) across the board.

Why would this be? Well, when a tutor leads the student with pointed questions and focused activities, the student takes charge of his/her learning. This is the point where the balance of who is doing the talking tips towards the student.

Let's face it, we all learn by doing, and taking a minimalist approach to tutoring engages the student in a way that promotes the student being the one doing the work, and that's what we are aiming for. It takes the right kind of creative approach to have the student generate the kind of approach to learning that carries him/her through improvement in the subject and improvement in being a learner in general, leading to self-correction of errors and genuine improvement across the board.

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